Our Vision

Currently based in Mackay, we have an unrivalled passion for sustainable fishing practices such as catch and release and the implementation of Net Free Zones (NFZ) in the Central Queensland region in order to provide fishing opportunities for generations to come.

Brendan Pollard with an early morning salt barramundi, Mackay Fishing

Our vision for the business is to fill a gap in the Australian apparel market that we believe was missing for country folk like ourselves that enjoy nothing more than to wet a line. Casting Cowboys is a dream come true for the pair of us being able to showcase our fishing adventures, mentor/provide feedback for all anglers and build and grow our own clothing line.

Quality and affordability is of the up most importance to us and we stand by our products 100%. Our entire apparel range has been trialed and tested and will withstand the harshest of fishing trips, the roughest of washing machines and all whilst remaining at an extremely competitive price.

Seaforth barramundi falling victim to a lethal lure and Kistler Rod

As a fishing team, and small business we have many sponsors and we cannot thank them enough. The support from these companies not only helps us to ensure that we can provide quality gear and engaging content, but also fuels our passion for fishing and being in the outdoors generally.

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Meet the Anglers!

Brendan Pollard

Mackay - Queensland

Brendan is a country boy at heart who grew up West of Mackay, splitting a majority of his youth between two country towns called Nebo and Glenden. Whilst growing up on a small cattle station and embracing the rural way of life, Agricultural College was the natural progression after high school where he excelled and graduated with a certification in Beef Cattle Production. After graduating Agricultural College the rodeo bug bit hard and Brendan spent the next six years travelling rural Queensland competing at countless rodeos.

Once Brendan settled on the coast his love of rodeo was replaced with a love for all things fishing and boating. The horses and bulls he had spent his youth with were now substituted with barra and  boats! Brendan still finds solace in the country though and regularly finds himself mustering cattle on any one of his friends and families CQ properties. These days Brendan works in the mines and enjoys an even time roster that allows for plenty of time on the water chasing and learning more about the big barramundi that call CQ Coast home.

Brendan is also the proud father of a daughter who is just as crazy about throwing a lure as he is and has been one of the motivating factors in promoting sustainable fishing practices both in his local area and abroad. Being based in Mackay, the Casting Cowboys are spoilt for choice with both salt water and fresh water sports fish available to be caught and being an active member of SunTag, Brendan releases 95% of his catch after being tagged and their information is recorded.

Moving forward in partnership with Brendan, Mark hopes to cement themselves in the Barramundi fishing scene across Queensland and afar. Being competitive anglers, the tournament scene brings much enjoyment to the lads and with big plans for Casting Cowboys fishing team in the near future. Brendan enjoys teaching and showing people the ‘ins and outs’ of fishing and has a huge passion for educating around fishing behaviours and techniques, some of the information can be found in many of the articles published by Fish and Boat magazine.

Mark Gifford

Mackay - Queensland

Mark comes from a small country mining town a bit over 3 hours west of Mackay. Brought up around horses and cattle from a young age he never ventured too far from a saddle. Fortunately his parents bought a cattle station close to the coast that had a small brackish water estuary.

On his 6th birthday he got a new Shimano rod and reel with a Reidy Lucifer lure and everything changed that morning with his first cast! Landing his first Barra in 1998 was the start of a new addiction. From then on everything was about Barra and his annual trips to the NT which was a highlight growing up and he still makes the trip most years to this day.

Now working in the mines on a 7 on 7 off roster, plenty of time is made for fishing around the Mackay area. Chasing big impoundment Barra in the dams or chrome slabs off the salt; working on techniques and skills for that next tournament win. A member of suntag he really pushes the catch and release lifestyle – “let em go, let em grow” – and a big supporter of the net free zones that are making a huge difference for the better.